lunes, 3 de junio de 2013

Travel days

The first few days have been flying by. Since Let's Go Costa Rica has arrived the members of the group have been busy getting to know Costa Rica from coast to coast. We have traveled from the capital of San Jose to Jaco and Quepos. This was a short trip where we were able to see a variety of lifestyles from the city to the playa (beach). In Quepos we visited the National Park Manuel Antonio to learn about bio-diversity and how hard the rain can come down at a moments notice.

 Above we stopped on a bridge to view the crocodiles.

In  our way to Manuel Antonio National Park..
Exploring new fruits

 In Quepos, we celebrated Jody's 22nd birthday with a delicious tres leches. Jody got more on her face than in her hair.
Along the way, 10 hours by bus - with various stops, a picture of Alonso (guide), Luis, Poncho, Ruben, and Gavin.

More about Manuel Antonio National Park

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