miércoles, 19 de junio de 2013

From the beginning...

It was not easy but we did it!
Some of our activities...

5k run activity

Javier Jaquez, Sthepaniw Newell, Mauren Navarro, Angela Garcia, and Alfredo Barrio at White sand promoting the 5k run activity.

Part of the club members

The Mystery Game at the La Vega's restaurant

From right to left: Mauren Navarro, Javier Jaquez and Merj 

 Some of the staff support our activities, in the pic Dr Araujo

San Valentine Bake sale activity preparation

From right to left : Jody Easley, Alfonzo Garza Mauren Navarro, Mayra Martinez, Alfredo Barrios, Javier Jaquez, Sthephanie Newell, Ruben Baca, Armando Altamirano, Connor and Yolanda McMillion 

From right to left : Mauren Navarro, Stephanie Newel, and Yolanda McMillion 

Yard sale

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