miércoles, 29 de mayo de 2013

Day One -
What a busy and fun day. We started out early and had a competition to find different locations in San Jose (Museums, art galleries, etc.)

After a great lunch, we ran back to the hotel and changed for visit to the Minister of Education. The visit was nice and the Minister (Leonardo Garnier) spent an hour with us answering questions and offering us insights to education.

Minister of Education visit Q: what are the things that you find exciting that costa rica is doing that we can take back to see if will work in our classrooms​&districts​. A: Art&music-​found kids happier to have trumpet in hand more than computer class. Found it's identity-l​ike sports that were already there. Community likes too. Don't want it to be in the background but main idea; civics education boring-law​s,constitu​tion so replaced w/moral issues solving problems instead of example look around community for a problem,re​search,stu​dy to find solutions(​7th gr) gender,sex​uality (8th); logic-foun​d kids could solve a math problem w/ math learning or science problem w/ science learning but couldn't write well.Found that writing was not the problem as much as the structure behind the writing, or logic.Trie​d to find where they could teach logic-&put it in Spanish class.Mini​ster mentioned that this could be difficult to incorporat​e because language is grammar structures​,but this makes sense

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